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Outdoor School Student Handbook

To the 6th Grader: 

This student handbook has been written for you, the sixth grader. Soon you will be leaving your classroom to attend Outdoor School where you will live and study in a whole new setting. Outdoor School will be a very special and unique experience.

To learn as much as possible and have as much fun as possible, you will want to be well prepared before you arrive. This student handbook will help you get ready. It will describe some of the things you will do at Outdoor School and provide suggestions for things you may want to bring with you. Share this book with your parents, too. They will be interested in what you will be doing while you are away.

The main reason you are going to Outdoor School is to study the environment, ecology, and other natural sciences. You will find that learning is fun and exciting in the outdoors because you will be surrounded by the natural world and its many wonderful plants and animals. You will also discover hat the environment can be explored in many exciting ways.

Everyone at Outdoor School is looking forward to your arrival.

To the Parents of the 6th Grader: 

We would like to welcome your child to an exciting learning experience at the Stayton Middle School Outdoor School at camp Tadmor.


  1. 1. Each student attending the Outdoor School will develop an understanding of, and an appreciation for, their natural environment and will acquire desirable attitudes concerning the conservation of natural and human resources.
  2. The outdoor school program provides first hand experiences with the interrelationships and adaptations found in nature, the dynamics of energy, cycles and systems of change, and people’s dependency and responsibility to the environment.
  3. Students will develop social skills including making new friends, being responsible for their own behavior, and experiencing healthful and democratic living where the sharing of responsibilities is expected.
  4. Each student will experience the joy that can be derived from pleasurable activities in the outdoors.
  5. Students will increase sensory skills, which will help them observe and accurately identify the components of the universe.
  6. The outdoor school program will develop informed citizens who will positively influence the future of our world.